Brum Skippers

What do we do?

We are Brum Skippers and we’re a non-profit organisation based in Birmingham, UK, founded in January 2017.

We aim to inform and educate people about the current food waste crisis, as well as providing practical and creative ways to help those who wish to reduce their individual environmental impact. We’ll be providing everyday tips about food preservation, composting, growing and waste-food recipes, to name a few.

We truly believe that ‘sharing is caring’, hence why we encourage sharing food within the community and sharing as much knowledge as possible.

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Chocolate Parsnip Brownies

Not sure what to do with your parsnips? Brownies sound like a great idea to use up those leftovers, right? ‘Parsnips don’t taste particularly rooty; they give the brownies a mild, almost nutty sweetness’ Ingredients (makes 12 brownies) 200g Plain Flour 200g Brown Sugar 200g Unsalted Butter 3 Eggs 100g 70% Dark Chocolate, melted 1 Tbsp …